Massage i København,


Massage i København

Benefits and actions of massage and advance techniques that you can try in my practice

1. Get better sleep – Research indicates that massage can improve  the problems of sleep like insomnia , and in those with lower back pain, fibromaylgia, pain and other health conditions.

2. Reduce stress – The long term effects of stress can take emotional and physical tolls. Massage therapy may relieve stress and conditions associated with it, such as tension headaches.

3. Increase range of motion – Elite and recreational athletes alike can benefit from manual therapy. I can help reducing muscle tension, improve exercise performance and prevent injuries. So, you can improve your sport activity with massage

4.  Reduce pain – Pain can negatively affect a person’s quality of life and impede recovery from illness or injury. Research shows fysiurgisk massage can help low-back pain, headaches and migraine, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and more.

5.  Boost mental health and wellness – Research suggests that symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression (all associated with mental health) may be directly affected with manuel terapi  stimulating relax conditions and increase the hormonal system.  

I always combine osteopati and  advanced techniques of fysiurgisk massage 



I work also treating the emotional stress, no only the physical one.

Is necessary to understand that the stress is only a symptom,  so, when we feel the stress we have to stop  and to think/ feel about our body and mind want to say to us, 

What kind of emotion there are behind?

Do you feel anger, frustration, anxiety, inability..?

So , I decided to create a new project to focus more in this kind of problems.

This project is emfes to work with the emotions that are involved in our stress feelings.

Anyway. I don t use only massage,  I use also kraniosakral terapi and so on ,

But the important is that recent research suggests that the symptoms of stress, as well as anxiety and depression, may be directly affected with massage therapy,  these studies show that massage therapy can reduce stress significantly on physical and psychological levels as well as significant changes in emotional states, including decreased blood pressure and heart rate, and increase some hormones  that help us to sleep better and get more relax

Remember, you are welcome in my clinic in  H.C Ørstedsvej 54 b, In Frederiksberg, just near of Forum metro

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