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Miguel Ortega (born 1974 in Barcelona, Spain)


2002-2003 Physiological massage education 110 hours.

Reflexology (=zoneterapi) Esquitem School, Lerida

2004 Started advanced physiological massage education 370 hours (finished in 2009).

2004-2007 Naturopathy education 800 hours (CEN, Barcelona).

2004 Reiki, the 1st level (CEN, Barcelona).

2005 Course of Chinese massage Tui-Na (Ismet, Barcelona).

2005 Finger press massage (shiatsu techniques), Hot stones massage (Hotel Regina, Tarragona)

2006 Workshops

1. Oligoelements

2. Kinesiology

3. Use of natural chemical elements.

Course of Dr. Bach system of Flower remedies (Esquitem School, Lerida).

2007 Course of Auriculotherapy (=øreakupunktur) and painless Japanese acupuncture (Ismet, Barcelona).
2008 Course of Functional bandaging (Ismet, Barcelona).

2007-08 Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture education (Cenac, Barcelona) 250 hours.

2009 Course of Miofascial release, Massageskolen, Copenhagen

2009 Workshop Stolemassage, Copenhagen

2009 Reiki, the 2nd level (with Javier Jimenez, master in Reiki)

2009 Course of Dorn Method + Breuss massage (chiropractic techniques, Ismet Barcelona)

2009 finished Advanced Physiological Massage education (Esquitem, Lerida)

2009 Course of Sotai-ho, Japanese postural re-education ,integral terapi (Ismet, Barcelona)

2010 Chiropractic tecniques (Barcelona)

2011 Tuina ( chinese medical massage in Paris)

2012 Osteophatic Structural techniques ( Malaga,spain)

2012 Course of spinal manipulation ( Spain) and Kobido  Japanese lifting)

2013 Touch of Health System

2013 Visceral Terapi I (Barral Intitute Denmark)

2013 Kraniosakral Terapi I (Uppleger Intitute Denmark)

2014 Neural manipulation (Barral Institute Denmark)

2014 Visceral Terapi II (Barral Intitute Denmark)

2015 Visceral terapia III (Barral Institute Denmark)

2015 Visceral terapi IV (Barral Institute Denmark)

2015 Visceral terapi V (Barral Institute Denmark)

2016  Course of Kinesiotape

2017 Applied Kinesiology Testing and Balancing (Esquitem School, Lerida)

2019 Metameric massage

2019 Somato-Emotional Release (Instituto Emocional, Malaga)


since October 2008 Private practice in Copenhagen

2007-2008 Private practice in Barcelona, Spain.

2008 Hotel Colon, Barcelona: massage therapist

2008 Collaborating at The Esquitem School: conducting seminars on massage.

2007 Centre of therapies Anahatamon, Barcelona and Space for Personal Growth “Dreams”, Mataro: as naturopathy specialist and massage therapist.
2006 Hotel La Pleta, Tarragona: masseur

2005 Hotel Regina, Lerida: masseur

2004-05 Private practice in Lerida

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Miguel Angel
Job Title
Fysiurgisk massør og følelseshealer
H. C Ørsteds vej 54 B,
Frederiskberg, 1879