Effective Methods For Emotional Stability


Uncommon knowledge, uncommon approaches,
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Miguel comes from Spain where he was originally trained as a therapeutic massage specialist and reiki healer. During 12 years of private practice in Copenhagen, he developed a highly personalized approach to emotional health, which can really well fix your emotional issues and create a new ground for your growth. Miguel masters many of the well-known and recognized techniques and can be called for a highly effective “emotional technician”. The key point in his coaching is that you do not need to reveal your personal issues or information in order to heal traumas or change your emotions, patterns and behaviour. Such methods as kinesiology (and its branches like EFT or Psych-K), Emotion Code, or bio-energetic coaching, allow you to effectively get rid of emotional disturbance without digging deep into your problems.

The word “Yana” is from the Sanskrit language, is pronounced with a long (a) sound, and translates as: Vehicle, Journey or Pathway. This is what it is all about.

Yana comes from Russia and was originally trained as IT specialist. She later converted into Spanish citizenship and made Spanish her second native nationality, at the same time changing her life interests to include natural sciences as well as humanities, cultures, languages and people’s personalities and lives. She studied 5 years’ course in Language Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and also got training in body therapy, dance and rules of social conduct. She sees her purpose in assisting young and not-so-young people in finding the most satisfying ways of life. She continuously develops new innovative and Effective Methods For Emotional Stability, which is what EMFES stands for.

We speak and work with clients in four languages: Danish, English, Spanish and Russian. Please call +45 31231024 and you’ll be heard and answered in your preferred language and communication style. We offer classes and individual sessions in Copenhagen center.

What is it all about?

Do we maybe ask ourselves sometimes
We have spent several decades sensing what all the stuff is essentially about. Now we can be helpful for you in many ways if you are struggling with stress, anxiety, fears, or anger, regrets, bad or changing moods, or undesirable behaviors, lack of assertiveness, or other things like that. Our consultations do not substitute for medical treatment in case of illness, nor do we work with victims of decisive criminality. We help mostly with “normal life” issues that can feel undesirable, and help you create better framework for more satisfying life. We help you grow, create an upgraded life, and find your stability and purpose.