Therapy courses in English

If you are a manual therapist and you want to improve your results with your clients, you will be interested in the courses that I have programmed so that your results and your reputation as a therapist improve.


Soft Osteopathy Techniques:

These techniques are used to treat trigger points and reposition  and adjust the joint with gentle techniques, avoiding the high-speed techniques used by chiropractors. You will learn:

  • Dejarnette  osteopathic techniques.
  • Positional release techniques
  • Muscular energy technique
  • Osteopathic repositionable autonomic technique


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Miofascial techniques course:

Learn how to release miofascial chains and understand how a neck pain can come from a homolateral or contralateral hip.

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Neurodynamic technique

Learn how to release and mobilize nerves, treat nerve irritation that affects the muscular system, learn how nerve irritation affects the miofascial system and change posture creating a body imbalance.

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Visceral techniques

The viscera affects the posture, the nerve and therefore causes multiple structural problems . For example : Learn how to treat the stomach and liver to solve problems of shoulders or necks.

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Emotional release technique 

With this course you will be able to learn using kinesiology, Bach flowers, emotions that affect the physical, energetic and psychic body of your client, non-spoken therapy.

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