Active therapy/Functional neurology


We call active therapy those techniques used to improve the communication of the nervous system with the muscular part with the aim of:
-Improved neuromuscular communication
-Improve the physiology of the musculoskeletal system
-Improve muscle performance
-Increase mobility and joint protection.

All this is done from an active job, because this therapy involves treating from muscle function (movement, protection, postural system)
Who is this therapy for?
This therapy is for people who passive techniques have not given the expected results,
For people who have pain when moving (walking, working…)
For athletes, both to improve their sports performance due to their active approach, and to finish solving an injury. It is also used as preventive work in those injuries that are called repetition.

Active therapy is based on NMIT (Neuro_Muscle Interaction Techniques) is the most accurate system to detect and correct muscle weakness. Active therapy identifies muscles that contract inadequately and through calibration techniques improves their function.
Thanks to this improvement in muscle function, you will be able to move better, increase sports performance and eradicate or reduce a painful experience.
Active therapy  allows you to specifically identify those muscles that function poorly and that can cause a loss of strength in different areas of the body.

Active therapy  uses various muscle calibration techniques to bring these muscles back to their full potential. This system includes high-precision muscle tests that allow finding these muscles that do not work efficiently, to later, through muscle calibration techniques, improve their ability to contract optimally.

An Active therapy  session begins with an evaluation that allows us to detect in which areas there is inadequate muscle function. This evaluation is carried out through very specific muscle tests that allow us to detect which muscles contract poorly, and then use a series of muscle calibration techniques that allow us to improve muscle strength and function.
After an Active therapy  session you will be able to carry out your day-to-day life in a simple and pain-free way. Your sensations when performing daily actions or your sports practice will improve and you will experience how movements are less painful. You will improve your strength and joint stability, you will gain amplitude of the joint range and you will notice an overall improvement.”